That Tricky Status Bar

This video was the result of the time that I spent trying to get the DWM status bar exactly as I wanted. It took some doing! I started with dwm blocks but that kept crashing on me so I reverted to a simple bash script.

So far so good. Trouble was, I also wanted to play around with some colours on the status bar. I applied the status color patch to dwm and everything seemed to work. Unfortunately this had the effect of slowing down my system to an absolute crawl, after adding the first three colours.

In the end I found a way to add colour emojis to the bar and I’m very happy with the end result. This, I’m afraid, only seems possible if a patched version of libXft is installed. Easy in Arch as it’s in the AUR, but it leaves those of us who use other distributions alongside Arch a bit stuck. Oh well, enjoy the video.